• Full house upgrade.
  • Full unit painted.
  • Full kitchen renovated.
  • Full bathroom renovated.
  • Add in laundry function.
  • Full flooring replaced by Laminate floor.

The extensive remodeling of this Mosman home encompassed the demolition of the kitchen, bathroom, and en-suite, paving the way for a modern transformation. The project involved contemporary tiling throughout the bathrooms, kitchen, and dining area, accompanied by the installation of new living and meeting rooms, along with updated cabinetry and accessories.

The project’s standout feature was its exceptional finishes. From the custom and luxurious marble walls in the bathrooms to the high-quality timber flooring gracing the living room, each detail was meticulously crafted.

Kongstruction ensured an unforgettable experience for our customer by delivering an exceptional and transformative renovation.

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