• Full house upgrade.
  • Full unit painted.
  • Full kitchen renovated.
  • Full bathroom renovated.
  • Add in laundry function.
  • Full flooring replaced by Laminate floor.

Kongstruction recently completed an impressive upgrade to a Naremburn residence, leaving our client thoroughly impressed. Our primary goal was to infuse the new house with a sense of brightness, cleanliness, and warmth. Utilizing wooden flooring that seamlessly complemented the client’s furniture and strategically placed glass elements to amplify natural light, we achieved a luminous and inviting atmosphere throughout the entire house.

The true showstopper, however, was the bathroom. Upon stepping in, our clients were awestruck by the luxurious ambiance created by the brass fixtures harmonizing with the elegant marble wall. The addition of a hanging cabinet and a sizable mirror further enhanced the spaciousness of the bathroom, eliciting a sense of opulence and functionality that exceeded their expectations.

Gallery – Naremburn Turn Old Into New