• Full house upgrade.
  • Full unit painted.
  • Full kitchen renovated.
  • Full bathroom renovated.
  • Add in laundry function.
  • Full flooring replaced by Laminate floor.

Even on a tight budget, there are numerous ways to craft a stylish and welcoming home. Consider this well-organized and refined two-story house in St Marsden Park as an example.


Embracing a primary palette of white, warm yellow, and bright light, the living room and corridor boast a cozy and secure ambiance against light beige walls. Remarkably, with a budget of just $350,000, this two-story dwelling has been revamped into a tranquil and secluded sanctuary ideal for indulgence and relaxation. Picture yourself in the bedroom, basking in the radiant sunlight, savoring a delightful cup of afternoon tea paired with an exquisite fresh cream cake—a perfect

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