• Full bathroom renovated.
  • Add in laundry function.

Check out Kongstruction’s recently completed budget-friendly unit renovation work in Greenwich!

We’ve employed a stylish technique by layering framed artwork and photographs to create a casual yet luxurious aesthetic, enhancing the visual depth of the space. Maintaining a restrained color palette is key to amplifying this effect.

We’ve discovered a budget-friendly method to maximize space and light: incorporating a large framed mirror on a wall or positioning an oversized framed mirror against it. This provides the room-enlarging impact of a mirrored wall but with added style, reflecting the room and light to create a more open feeling.

Table lamps serve as timeless elements in interior design and can easily be refreshed on a budget to infuse a completely new ambiance into the room. This not only revitalizes the space but also helps your budget. You don’t need to make new purchases to revamp your home—utilize what you have and create depth and dimension by layering existing elements.

Gallery – Unit Bathroom Renovation in Greenwich